25 Effective Variations of Pull ups

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There is 25 effective variations of Pull ups ( its Dare to be Great ).

Pro Tip for all Variations; Squeeze your abs so your trunk doesn’t rotate during the move. Breathe out at the Top position and breathe out at the lower position.

What Is Pull Ups?

The pull up is one of the best exercise we can easily do and everywhere. Pull ups Is a Body weight Workout that only need one Pull up Bar and arms to do Pull ups. They needs your arms but Different muscles worked while we do Pull ups. Pull ups have many incredible Benefits. They are efficient, effective, explosiveness and highly Sparked. There are Many Pull ups workout Variation with Different muscles Worked.

There is Variation/Types of Pull ups

  • Weighted Pull ups
  • Front Lever Pull ups
  • High Pull ups
  • One arm Pull ups
  • L sit pull ups
  • Slow pull ups
  • Commando Pull ups
  • Australian Pull ups
  • One Arm Australian Pull ups
  • Behind The Back Pull ups
  • Pull ups Kipping
  • Neutral Pull ups
  • Wide Grip Pull ups
  • Close Grip Pull ups
  • Behind the Head pull ups
  • Explosive Pull ups
  • Typewriter Pull ups
  • Jump Negative Pull ups
  • Jump Negative Pull ups
  • Regular Pull ups
  • Switching Grip pull ups
  • Negative one arm Pull ups

Pull ups kipping

Pull ups kipping is very useful for beginner and also for pros to achieve difficult level of pull ups. kipping is only use for to create a momentum to pull yourself up. kipping pull ups is a way to swinging your body to increase momentum. You use this momentum to create power swing that drives you to over the pull ups bar.

kipping pull ups are also challenging for you they improve endurance, even target your that muscles that standard pull ups cant such as the core and lower body.

How yo do?

  1. start with your hanging position with such a tight grip.
  2. For kip swing your legs back then swing forward. your body will start swing.
  3. when your legs swing forward, use the momentum to pulling yourself up drive yourself up.
  4. when your legs swing back slowly lower yourself to start position. Repeat
  5. Do many reps as you can in 30 seconds.

Weighted Pull Ups

weighted pull ups is a very fantastic variation of Pull ups. its very close to Simple Pull ups. The only difference between Them is add weight while yo do it. Weighted Pull ups is amazing Declaration to strengthen full body, Stability, and collaboration. By adding Weight this workout makes more efficient. weight Pull ups Give benefits to improve your muscles, gain your Strength, gain your body stability, strong your core, incredible growth in Muscles.

Front Lever Pull Ups

Its very Unique variation of Pull ups. Front lever Pull ups important types of pull ups because there is incredible benefits of it. Front lever pull ups improve and give strength almost all body Muscles more than the rest of other Variation. Its gives really give boost for make better Pecs.

its give Explosive power to these muscles,

  • Biceps
  • forearms
  • obliques
  • chest
  • shoulders
  • abs
  • Glutes
  • groin
  • quads
  • middle back
  • lower back
  • Lats
  • Hip Flexors
  • Hamstrings

High Pull Ups

High pull ups is very difficult variation to do its need ultra strength to done. its need very massive upper level stability and great Momentum. Lets give Fantastic tips to achieve massive Benefits from this Exercise.

  1. To perform this exercise perfectly you need momentum, need to know how to take momentum.
  2. for Momentum you will do explosive pull ups to do high pull ups. Use your legs to create more Momentum ( move your knees to your chest and then move your legs back ). in this way you will get massive momentum and high jump.
  3. when you do many times you will become a pro then you don’t need to use your legs.

This will give you great grip and power.

One Arm Pull Ups

The one arm pull-up is maybe one of the coolest and most ideal ways of developing upper back and biceps fortitude through bodyweight preparing. You might call the one arm pull-up “the sacred goal of bodyweight pulling strength” But it is moreover “the lord of elbow injury”.

L Sit Pull ups

L sit pull ups is simple variation of Pull ups. this exercise is very challenging. Do the simple pull ups when you get high position move your legs to horizontal and make L With body. it have amazing benefits; Core strength, Stability, body control, increase isometric strength, gain power Under tension.

Slow Pull ups

its not technical and difficult to understand but not easy to do types of Pull ups. its need calm and stability while you Pulling up and Pulling down. Just make your speed slow while you pulling up and pulling down.

Commando Pull Ups

This specific variation Gain sidewise stability, give help to boost your core strength and wide your lats.

Position yourself sideways to the pullup bar and get it with one hand simply before the other. From here, lower down to full elbow expansion, and afterward pull yourself up so your head clears the bar aside. Lower down, and afterward guarantee your head gets the contrary side free from the bar. Substitute sides each and every other rep.

Australian Pull ups

its very simple and easy to do. Australian pull ups give help to achieve Pull ups by give you strength. its really useful for beginners. in this variation The level of pull ups bar is very important.

However, a note about the level bar. The level of the bar matters for something other than fitting under it. As we referenced previously, doing a standing bodyweight line doesn’t give your muscle bunches as a very remarkable exercise since they have better influence, it’s simpler to mean.

A similar rule applies to the Aussie push-up. In the event that the level of the bar is more prominent, you’ll have more influence and in this way challenge your muscles less. Assuming that it’s lower to the ground, it will be more troublesome. To avoid foots slip put something to give support to your feet.

One arm Australian Pull ups

To understand this variation read ( Australian pull ups ). its really similar to Australian pull ups looking by his name. The main difference in this Variation use One Hand instead of two hands while pulling up and pulling down.

Behind the Back Pull ups

Talking with you straight forward. Don’t do This variation without proper Practice. This variation most difficult variation of pulls ups. It makes your back like iron and it helps you in old age. This exercise gives incredible Benefits to those muscles who can’t worked with normal exercise.

Keeps in Mind

Before you do this exercise do practice and don’t make over smart. its really muscles brittle exercise. don’t take overdose of this exercise beginner do only 3 reps of 6 pull ups. During exercise don’t lift your head and keep up your back as you can easily. Avoid Loosing Form.

Neutral Grip Pull Ups

This is different variation because of its Pull up Bar. yes you read it right. in this types of pull ups we use Parallel Pull up bar and grip the Pull bar in Different way where your palm face each other.

Wide Grip Pull Ups

This is very simple variation of Pull ups but there is only difference because of its hand grip position. The Wide pull ups is for Upper body strength and its movement target your chest, arms and shoulders. wide pull ups help to increase strength for other variations.

How To Perform?

when you grab bar your thumb should be pointed each other. Your position of hand should be wider than your body. when you get your position check your arms makes ” Y ” Sign. Each arm should be make 30 to 45 angle from your body. Now its a Perfect position to do Wide Pull ups.

Close Grip Pull ups

This variation of pull ups will be better who are beginner to Pull ups. it is very easy than A standard pull ups and other variations. its helps you to train yourself for other variation of Pull ups.


The difference between your hand when you grip the bar is must be 5 to 6 inches. Please ensure that the close grip emphasize your Lats. your start position is ready . Last tips during pulling up and pulling down avoid to swing your body.

Behind the Head Pull ups

This variation of pull ups at the back of the neck really hits your hips and shoulders. If you’re after this big “V” shaped upper body its must be very helpful for you.

Your position of hand should be wider than your body. when you get your position check your arms makes ” Y ” Sign. Each arm should be make 30 to 45 angle from your body. Now its a Perfect position to do Wide Pull ups. The main difference is only while you pull yourself up make sure your base of neck touch with Pull up bar.

Tips; Don’t use momentum of body. do these Pull ups with stability and power of your shoulder blades. Only pros do these Variation of pull ups.

Explosive Pull Ups

explosive pull ups have some explosive incredible Benefits. this variation build width in your chest and back gives you explosive strength, grip strength.

How To Perform?

  1. Get Pull up position
  2. For get some momentum accelerate your body
  3. pull yourself up to using your momentum until your head and shoulder pass the bar and then slightly release your hand smoothly.
  4. when your body start to pulling down grab back the pull up bar control yourself to back pull up position.

Note; Momentum in your body is really matter for this Exercise

Typewriter Pull Ups

If you are get bored to doing normal pull ups and you want to take your workout at high gear then the typewriter pull ups variation you looking for. This exercise will fit your standards.

in this variation pulling yourself up and pulling down like a normal pull ups. One change when you pulling yourself up and your neck reached the front of bar move your neck towards a hand like a type writer with the help of opening other hand elbow. Then move your head to other hand . after it move back on your pulling down position and move down.

Jump Negative Pull Ups

jump negative pull ups is dead grip pull ups because in every pull ups you break your grip from the bar. its gives massive power to your grip strength. its also give you breathe break after one pull up.

How To do?

stand under the bar do a standard Pull up after done a pull don’t go for second pull ups. Take a break release pull up bar for 5 to 10 second stand then go for second pull up bar. After every pull up done you will start it from the start position ( Note for start position you need to release your hand and stand calm under the bar then start second pull up ).

Note; if you find it very challenging then build your grip strength.

Regular Pull ups

Regular pull ups is focus to build your chest muscles. its very simple to do. start from position but don’t pull yourself straight to bar. you will pull yourself up towards your right hand after it pulling down to your hang position do same towards your left hand.

After every movement to your one hand move back your hanging position is mandatory.

Switching grip position

in this variation only one change you will make during standard pull up. after every pull up when you on peak position switch your right hand grip then pulling down. In second pull up switch your left hand position and repeat it.

Negative one arm pull up

This variation of the pull up has many changes from the standard pull up. Change your grip position. Make difference between your hand grip minimum 1 inch. Start a pull up and when you get peak release your one hand and twist yourself little bit towards your grip hand pulling down yourself on one hand. then repeat it with your second Hand.

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