Green Banana For Weight Loss

Green Banana flour

Bananas are delectable, Banana good for Health and simple to eat. Green Banana for weight loss use in difference ways . Beside that, they’re stacked with nutrients and minerals. Also Banana Good for skin Boiling Banana Peel very Useful for Weight loss

Individuals normally eat bananas when the natural product is yellow and ready, albeit green and unripe bananas are likewise protected to consume. They additionally have heaps of medical advantages.

In this article, we will investigate these advantages and a few possible secondary effects and offer a couple of fast plans to eat green bananas.


Typically, 100 grams of green banana has 89 calories.

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Green Banana Good For Weight Loss

green bananas are loaded with dietary fiber. While it requires the longest investment to process, fiber initiates the sensation of completion and satiety. At the point when one feels full in the stomach, desires will quite often be smothered. Therefore, you don’t gorge.

To that end such bananas can be useful for people on a weight reduction diet.

How To Use Green Banana

Eat them as they are

Consume them similarly as they are, or equivalent to you would consume an aged banana. Green bananas are challenging to de-skin, so make certain to utilize a blade to do as such.

Grind them into smoothies

If you have any desire to limit the craziness of green bananas while eating them, you ought to take a stab at grinding them into smoothies, soups, sauces, organic product servings of mixed greens, or adding them to frozen yogurt or porridge, contingent upon your taste.

Make the green banana sauce

Sauté garlic and oil until they brown, then add veggies like tomatoes and taro roots. Then, dice or cut the banana organic product, season to taste, and add milk or water. Cook for a couple of moments and serve. This is a variant of the matoke formula well known in southwestern Uganda.

Boiled green bananas for weight loss

With regards to green cooking bananas, you needn’t bother with any exceptional abilities to cook them. Also Boiling Banana Peel Is very Useful For Weight Loss. The hardest part is the stripping of the bananas, however don’t stress I will impart to both of you strategies.

The first is:

Cooking the stripped green bananas.
The subsequent technique is:

  2. Cooking the green banana without stripping.

I utilize the primary technique when my green bananas are new and the second strategy when my green bananas are frozen. Indeed on the off chance that you never taken a stab at freezing green bananas, you ought to.

You can likewise utilize the second technique when your bananas are new, certain individuals find it simpler to deal with.

Method One:

  • Carry salted water to bubble in an enormous pot over medium-high hotness.
  • Wash every banana, cut across the highest point of the banana and furthermore the base however don’t go all the through.
  • Cut longwise along the skin, similar to you are scoring the skin, and do whatever it takes not to cut into the tissue.
  • Hold the banana with one hand while utilizing the thumb the eliminate the skin from the white tissue.
  • In the event that the water isn’t bubbling then place stripped bananas in a bowl with cold water.
  • Transfer peeled bananas to the boiling water. 
  • Bring to boil, cover the pot, and reduce to simmer for about 20 minutes or until tender. 

Method Two

  • Cut off both ends of each banana, make a slit along the side.
  • Add bananas to boiling salted water and cook until tender, about 20 minutes.
  • Drain water, allow bananas to cool enough to handle or run under cold water. Remove the skin and serve.


Rub cooking oil on your hands, to keep the tannins from adhering to your hands leaving a tacky buildup.
Place stripped green bananas in cool water while you trust that the water will bubble.
Add a lemon juice to the water to keep bananas from becoming brown.
Add a little oil to the water, the dim rubbish will ascend to the top. You can utilize a spoon to scoop it from the highest point of the bubbling water and dispose of it.