Pogo Burpee And Benefits

peoples are doing Burpee Training

What Is Burpee

we will talk about burpees new variation Pogo burpee and Benefits.

Burpees focus on your quads, glutes, core, chest, back and shoulders, makes sense of Refreshed Fitness mentor Max well. Furthermore, they’re perfect for cardio, as well.

Burpee Exercise Girl Home Workout Guidance. Colorful Concept of Female Working at Home on Her Body a Young Woman in Sportswear Top, Sneakers, Leggings Doing Burpees with Push-Ups.

Pogo Burpee

a girl is doing pogo burpee

Pogo burpee is a variation of burpees. This variation of burpees is only for pros and boost your strength more fast than a Simple Burpee.

in this Workout with Burpee you need a box or any static thing you can use dumbbell, weight plate, any thing you can jump over easily.

Start with a standing position do a proper burpee and jump over the box and do jump over the box, do a burpee on other side. Then repeat.

watch the Gif for idea how to perform Burpee box jump over.

if you want more challenging it then add a Squat for more challenging it add dumbbells’.

if you want make easy then remove squat only do a push up.

You can remove push up and can continue with only squat and jump.

Pogo Burpee Benefits

Pogo burpee focus on full body. Burpee workouts aims to build muscle, improve muscle strength and build muscle strength in your upper body and lower body.

A burpee workout works to increase strength in your legs, hips, buttocks, back, arms, chest, abs and shoulder.

Pogo burpee have also improve health benefits,

  • stronger heart and lungs
  • improved blood flow
  • lower risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • lower blood pressure
  • improved cholesterol levels
  • improved brain function
  • Boost your weight Loss

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